XYM is a web-based project bringing you the longest short-term temporary and transient yet constant database of possibilities to download individual Portable Document Format (.pdf) publications. Presenting a wide range of artists and connected to more than one branch of knowledge, the artist becomes the author and editor of a history making free-downloadable pdf file with a rapidly nearing best before date and conservation as its immanent future.
Activated on its moment of release on www.xym.no, individually varying but at the same time permanent countdown periods are programmed to each publication with limitless possibilities that lie between one second and infinity. Within the given format, not exceeding a download friendly 25 MB, a self-generating launching base sets the framework for a diverse number of voluminous artistic data files, literally functioning between the margins of your computer screen and the edges of your desk.

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Light breeze.

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Mo I Rana, located near the Arctic Circle, is the location of the Norwegian National Library where all XYM publications are archived.

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The Fo.Od Issue
Nicolas Ceccaldi & Morag Keil
Amalia Ulman
— 100PRE JUNTOS (2gether 4evr)
Condé & Beveridge
— It's Still Privileged Art
The Smart Frrridge
— Reader
Jean-Michel Wicker
— Facebook Fanzini 1
— The Dolphin Issue
Mikael D. Brkic & Vilde von Krogh
— Pressing Matters
Aude Pariset
— No One Would Confuse a Utensil with a Mock
Marlie Mul "Instant Object"
Ben Schumacher
— Safety Pin
Peter Friel & Eric Schmid
— Home vs. Away
Judith Hopf
— Contrat entre les hommes et l'ordinateur
Frode Felipe Schjelderup
— Frodes Metal Magazine ROCKSCALIBORGH
Marlie Mul, Yngve Holen, Ilja Karilampi
— Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone (Calendar 2010)
Morag Keil
— Life Aesthetic
Tobias Madison
— Riven: The Sequel to Myst: A Californian Citrus Summer Encyclopedia 1-100
WORD (Josefine Wikström & Sara Ludvigsson)
Ilja Karilampi
— Notoriskt Otrogen / Charming Bastard
Mathis Altmann & Emanuel Rossetti
— Corded Chew & Peps / POV
Jeroen Jacobs
— Untitled (Studio Photos)
Kilian Rüthemann & Jürg Waidelich
— Aspect Ratio
Nicholas Hatfull
— Briefly Noted (Serviette-ish Evil Eye)


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XYM is a project initiated by
Marlie Mul and Yngve Holen


Website by

Harm van den Dorpel, Joel Galvez, Eline Mul and Per Törnberg


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